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Where is Vava’u?
Vava’u is a small island (Pop. 12,000 approx), one hour by plane from Nuku’alofa which is the capital of the Kingdom of Tonga (Pop.100,000 approx). Exact location is (18°43' S / 174°8’W)

How can I book flights?
The domestic flight is booked through Real Tonga: http://www.realtonga.to
Email: booking@realtonga.to
Phone: +676 23777 Mon - Fri ( 0830 - 1700 ) Sat ( 0830 - 1400 )


Palu Aviation Travel http://www.paluaviation.to
Phone : +(676) 21111 or +(676) 23777
Email : travel@paluaviation.to

Cost is around US$200 return.

Is there a ferry from Tongatapu to Vavau?
Yes, but only one trip per week. It takes about 20 hours and is only for hardy travellers.

Are these holiday homes inspected?
Yes, we check all houses before guests arrive and are personally responsible to help you settle in happily.

How can I pay the deposit?
By direct bank transfer to our bank here. We require 30% deposit (non-refundable) to hold your booking and the rest is payable in Tongan Pa'anga within 3 days of your arrival. There are ATM's or you can easily exchange notes of any major currency.

What if I later cancel my booking?
You will lose your deposit. 

Can you place some drinks and food in the house before I arrive?
Certainly, just let us know what you require.

How far is it to a restaurant and other shops, banks etc?
From most homes, it is 5 to 10 minutes drive. Some are walking distance from town ( Neiafu).

Why stay in a holiday home?
For the added privacy and independence, plus the freedom to eat when and what you choose. Many of our guests come back year after year and consider this their favourite hideaway spot.
You can begin to feel like a “local” rather than being a tourist in a hotel.

Does the rate reduce for a longer stay?
Yes, we are happy to quote for whatever are your needs.

What should I bring, to maximise my stay?
Its hard to answer, depends on your interests so much. Most people bring some new books to read, casual summer clothes, some special foodie treats, sunglasses, snorkel gear, etc.

Is there a TV?
Some homes have TV and a DVD player but there is no local TV coverage in Vava’u.

Is there Internet?
Yes, Neiafu has several Internet cafes with broadband connections, although speeds are often slower than overseas.

Should I bring my mobile phone?
Yes it can be very useful here, and you can buy a local simcard for about US$15, incl airtime, then it is simple and relatively cheap to receive or make calls to your home or for local use.

What is suitable clothing for Vava’u?
Casual summer clothes, sunglasses, swim wear, sandals, hats, that’s it!

Can you give some idea of living costs?
Here’s a few rough indicators: (variations between stores and bars etc of course)
Heineken Beer (bar price) US$3.50; Can of Coke US$1.50; Large bottle water US$2, Pizza US$12, café meal US$15, Lobster meal US$35, RibEye steak meal US$30, watermelon (whole) US$2, pineapple US$2, taxi 5km US$4, bottle of wine (store) US$15 or (Restaurant) US$ 25

Can I rent a car?
Yes, ranges from US$30 to 50 per day plus fuel

Can I rent a boat?
Yes, around US$100 per day for an open type boat plus fuel

Can I book fishing / diving / snorkelling / whalewatching / etc?
Sure, no problem, we can book any such activity with a reliable operator, to ensure your holiday fun. Just ask us.

Where can we swim etc?
Most of the listed homes have swimming in the sea, a few meters away. Sandy beaches can be reached by car or boat. There are 2 hotels with swimming pools you can use for a small fee.

How long can I stay there on a Visitor’s visa?
Initial visa is one month but easily extended to 6 months one month at a time

What languages are mainly spoken in Tonga?
Tongan and English, all public offices etc speak good English, some people speak German, some Italian.

What is the local currency?
Tongan Pa’anga. Currently two pa’anga = one US$1 approx

How can I change money in Vava’u?
There are 3 banks and Western Union offices, plus ATM machines and credit card facilities.

What is the medical care like?
There is a local hospital, plus a private doctor and a pharmacy. Facilities are basic. You should bring any medication you may need for your stay.

Is Vava’u a safe place to visit?
We have found it to be a very safe place to live, having been in Tonga for more than 15 years

To make a booking or enquiry please feel free to email us with any questions you might have.